“. . . there is no enthusiasm to match Nick’s on concert days. Playing under his baton is second to none – like no other musical experience- that’s a compliment Nick!”

“I can testify to his professional and dedicated approach to many specifics of dynamics, balance and phrasing. He brings out the best in his players and I will never forget when playing in Mahler 1, he took time to go through the last couple of pages with myself and the 1st timpanist just to get the timings and accuracy. What a bloke. I would have no hesitation in playing for him again . . .”

“Nick is a very good director.  He is well organised, decisive without being too bossy and is good at judging the difficult balance between pushing the orchestra to be the best standard it can be but still recognising that, ultimately, people are there to have fun.  You should do your best to keep him as long as possible.”

“The event I most look forward to in the year. That is largely down to your hard work and commitment – you make the rehearsals fun and purposeful and the concerts always have that special extra dimension.”

“I very much appreciate playing under your baton. Your clear beat and indication of entries, and an easy-going manner which nevertheless incorporates impressive musicality and grasp of the score bring off a convincing performance, coupled with a pragmatic and always courteous handling of the players and our strengths / weaknesses.  Congratulations on a great success, and thanks again.”

“We would both like to congratulate you on doing such a wonderful job with the Nielsen. All the players we spoke to afterwards were excited by it …. I found it a privilege to be a member of the woodwind section …”

“Thought the rehearsal went very well. You’re very business-like and got thro a lot and improved it.  Got a huge amount of positive feedback from all sections of the orchestra.  The violins at the back like the way you make them feel involved and don’t just address your comments to the front desk (as is so often the case in amateur orchestras.)  You speak loudly enough for everyone to hear.  You have a clear beat.  You were well prepared and obviously knew the work well.”

“My private focus group was strong in its appreciation and said that it sounded as if the Halle (no doubt on one of its better nights) was playing.  It certainly sounded to me as though the players in the orchestra gave their all.”

“You can rest assured that you really are very good at accompanying soloists!  I don’t think that I have ever felt so sure that the orchestra was going to be ‘with me’ during a concerto performance.”

“I come because of your rehearsals, your thorough preparation, helpful insight and enthusiasm ..”

“I appreciate the dynamism and energy that you bring to the rehearsals and concerts and I have very much enjoyed playing in the orchestra with you as MD.”

“I’ve been with (the orchestra) for almost 40 years and I have no doubt that you are the best.  I’ve enjoyed playing for you more than any other conductor, and I play not just for xxxx but dep when people are ill or unavailable in most of the local orchestras (and some much further away) including the so called best . . . .”

“You have always shown total commitment to your work as MD even in the face of many difficulties and much discouragement and the orchestra has much to thank you for in the way you have sought to promote musical standards . . . thank you for your leadership- your skill and sense of humour and above all, your patience.”